Rosary for Healing in Latin with English Meditations

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,    Please join us for a  Rosary for Healing  in Latin with English meditations on Zoom Monday through Thursday at 8 pm (PST) . We pray for the healing of our Church, world, and individuals. We pray for world peace as Our Lady of Fatima requested .  Praying in Latin is sacred and powerful. We ask for the intercession of many saints and use blessed/exorcised sacramentals to increase the effectiveness of our prayers.  Participants will  not  be on camera and participating out loud is optional. No exchange of personal information within the ministry will be required.  We have a mix of participants who are well seasoned in Latin prayers as well as those who are new to the practice. Please pray with us outload if you are seasoned in Latin and on mute if you are still practicing. A number of our participants learned to pray in Latin by joining us in prayer over time.  Join Zoom Meeting